10 Facts About The Female Body That Not Many People Know About

Men and women are different; it’s a universal and an archaic fact. But there is a far more subtle difference between the 2 then the obvious ones. Women have far more powerful color recognition abilities than men, the much-demonized cellulite is an absolutely normal thing and nothing near “bad fat” as it’s generally perceived. And the best of all the women are far more rational and mature than men at any age and at any time. Sorry guys I know you need to digest that for your inflated ego but you have all the time you need because it’s a cold, hard fact.

WheeBuzz has gathered 10 facts about the female body that was probably not known till now to the majority of the populace, read on to know the interesting facts.

1. Women’s necks are more movable.

Creepy but true, when called from behind, men have to move their whole front torso to turn back while a lady just needs to turn her head. The logic behind this is the muscle structure which is way more flexible in women’s bodies. But it comes with a catch too. Just because you are gifted with flexible necks, you still need to be careful while twisting your head as quick jerks and repetitive motions can cause neck pain which is far less common in men.

2. Women have sensitive hearing while sleeping.

Women are cursed with sensitive sleep disorders as compared to men. They have light sleep and get disturbed easily. The reason is behind the evolutionary processes as there are wired to be more sensitive to noise in case they need to nurse there babies at the odd hours. But the good news is that only very high pitched noises can disturb their sleep and if we are careful about the low pitched conversation or music it would save her much needed treasured sleep. Not to mention it would be very thoughtful of everyone as well. Something that not majority of men have the common decency of knowing unfortunately.Blame it on evolution I suppose.

3. Women have one breast bigger than the other.

Yes, it’s a biological truth. The difference in size is so minuscule that most of the time its barely noticeable at all. As a medical fact, no woman has symmetrical breasts. Relax it’s not any sort of medical condition and it’s absolutely normal. Reasons can be various such as different column of breast tissues or different shape and size of breast pockets, sometimes even skin elasticity also has a huge role to play in the breast size. But the fact remains that, women are beautiful no matter what size their breasts are.

4. Women are more rational than men.

This one busts the age-old prejudice that women are emotional wrecks and incapable of making crucial decisions at the right time which has always been the bastion of men giving them the false sense of superiority. Well, the bubble is broken. It had been scientifically proven that women are far more rational and quick thinkers than men in a crisis scenarios as they have a thick cortex. A thick frontal cortex means higher cognitive and general intelligence…( might mean in a subtle manner that men are dumb). But there is no reason to lose hope for all the men out there as they have higher brain volumes…(what else did you expect) which makes them better equipped to handling emotions and making decisions too.

5. Сellulite is not a bad thing.

So much money has been spent in the past and books have been written to lose the cellulite from the thighs and arms because some fashion articles and asinine preconceived societal norms find them ugly.  While all this time it had been a pile of balderdash. Cellulite is not even a medical term and no it’s not any sign of obesity but maturity in women. Despite this fact, ignorant people all around us keep calling it wrong or ugly fat to be diced. According to their warped logic, it’s an accumulation of toxic substance that our bodies can’t process. In reality, these are fat tissues which are crucial for the production of hormones like estrogen. So quit making cellulite a global problem as we have more pressing problems to worry about and frankly who are we to worry when Marilyn Monroe wasn’t.

6. Women get drunk faster than men

Yes, it’s true; women do get drunk faster than men not because they can’t hold their drinks well but due to their biology. Women have less water in their tissues as compared to men. This means that a ladies body is less able to digest the alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream. Normally women sweat less them men, which is a good sign but not when it comes to bearing the heat. Because of the lower water level and smaller volume of blood, women have hemoglobin levels that are 12% lower than men. This makes them dehydrated and unable to bear the heat which most of the less intelligent men cannot simply understand when the ladies complain about the intolerable heat. We think women must date doctors who would understand these issues.

7. Women form stronger attachments to other people.

Women are the love of the creation because they have the ability to spread good will and cheer and love. This is not just any poetic explanation but also a medical one. Women have high Oxytocin levels which are also known as love hormone. It promotes attachment, cements relationships, mends broken hearts and also eases stress. Oxytocin is responsible for the mother-child relationship and needed for breastfeeding purposes.

8. Women’s bodies keep changing in their twenties.

Young women or teenagers are lucky as they get second chances to change their lifestyles as well as their bodies which continue to develop. It does not matter whether you had an unhealthy childhood; your body is still changing till the twenties. Supplement a lot of calcium in your diet through bananas and almonds and see the change for yourself, along with exercise your bones as well as muscles would develop at great speed. The most brilliant part of it all is these physical changes would also empower your brain as it would develop your prefrontal cortex making you a decision making ninja! No wonder women are gifted for multitasking.

9. Women have a better predisposition to creativity.

Women have more wires and connecting networks than a man’s bran which is way simpler. Studies have proven that women can create a faster casual connection with any random person but they are also prone to fall into a routine

10. European women have a lighter complexion than men.

Now, this is a racial anomaly, studies have found that women of European descent are 2 times more likely to be lighter skinned and blonde as compared o their male counterparts. There is a logic behind it. The blonde genes that may have been during the birth of a female are far stronger as compared to a male child as in most cases these features just vanishes from male babies. There can be an evolutionary reason too. It’s considered that blonde women are more likely to be successful in their relationships with men and vice-versa in case of men if they are dark haired. Of course, these assumptions have not been scientifically proven and it’s still a hypothesis.


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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