10 Disney Princesses Who Could Represent Game Of Thrones Characters

Wouldn’t it be nice seeing your favorite Disney princesses reinvented as Game of Thrones characters? Who would best have the qualities for the unique GOT women that many dote upon?

WheeBuzz brings you 10 Disney princesses as GOT characters.

1. Ariel as Melisandre

Every Game of Thrones fan knows who Melisandre is. The lord of light’s high priestess and close advisor to Stannis Baratheon who lives on the island Dragon stone. The best Disney character who could represent her is none other than the little mermaid Ariel. Seen here in the picture Ariel stands before a holy fire wearing a red gown looking every bit the priestess Melisandre.

2.  Lilo as Arya Stark

Lilo Of Lilo & stitch the Disney animated movie is a boyish female character who is made to stay in a  foster home after having lost her parents in a crash. Boyish and a bit boisterous in nature she is very similar to the character of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. Arya shares a similar plight losing  her father Ned Stark to the evil Joffrey. She learns to wield a sword and finds her way under the care of night watch recruitment trainer Yoren.

3. Mulan as Brienne of Tarth

Mulan is the mythical Chinese warrior princess who disguises herself as a man and takes her father’s place to fight for her country. She would be befitting in a corresponding character of Brienne of Tarth who is also a warrior. She wins a jousting tournament and is made a soldier in the king’s guard. She becomes the protector and sword of Catelyn stark exactly like Mulan becomes the protector of her princely senior officer whom she rescues more than once.

4. Jasmine as Ellaria Sand

Ellaria Sand in game of thrones is the lover of prince Martell. With her dark complexion she is part of the Dornishmen of the ‘Dorne’ desert. She is reputed as being exceptionally beautiful and attractive to the point of being extremely sensuous in nature.  Due to her link with the desert and her complexion she would be best played by the Arabian princess Jasmine from the Disney story ‘Alladin’.

5. Cinderella as Catelyn Stark

Cinderella comes across as a princess with maternal instincts.  Her hardship faced at the hands of her stepmother has hardened her life. The image has her dressed in a typical gown similar to a Game of Thrones character and Catelyn Stark would correspond to her role best. Catelyn the matriarch of the stark family and wife of Ned Stark has seen her husband die lost her children but she still remains steadfast and strong enough to fight back to keep her family together.

6. Grandma Fa as Lady Olenna Tyrell

Grandma Fa is the gutsy well-loved grandmother of Disney animation character Mulan from China. She is outspoken to the point of going against family traditions in the welfare of her family. She knows her Chinese traditions well and is believed to be connected with her family ancestors. She would do well as Lady Olenna Tyrell the grand matriarch of the Tyrell family who shares similarities.

7. Merida as Yigrette

If there is one Disney character that would do well in the fantasy movie game of thrones, then that would be ‘Merida’ the red-haired Scottish princess in Brave. The brazen little gal with flaming red hair rides a horse and shoots a longbow better than any man. Merida would be an apt and fitting Yigrette  in the story ‘game of thrones’. Well suited because of her possession of multiple qualities being those of a princess who not only looks beautiful but fights as well.

8. Aurora as Cersei

Aurora or Sleeping Beauty has the same matching blonde hair as Cersei. Aurora was the top Babe of all Disney princesses who would take over rule of her kingdom. She had the potential to rule and could be good but could also be tempted to go bad. She is much like Cersei who does things without questioning them like Aurora who didn’t think twice of dancing with a stranger in the woods.

9. Belle as Margaery Tyrell

Belle is very much like Margery Tyrell without the generous showing of cleavage. Belle is a sweet and smart much like Margery who spent time with poor and needy. Both of them were ahem! Married to monsters although Margery wasn’t so lucky for hers to turn into a handsome prince.

10. Elsa as Danerys

The most popular character of GOT has to be Elsa the badass princess of al Disney characters. Both have bleached blonde hair styled in braids. Both have an affinity with extreme elements although on opposite sides of the natural spectrum. One with fire and the other with ice, what a combination if they paired up against their enemies. Both are also happy to rule with no men by their side.

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