10 Crazy Facts About Starbucks Ready To Blow Your Mind

Star bucks is a popular coffee house which is spread across several nations globally. It is renowned for its quality of beverages and innovative snacks. If you are a coffee lover then surely you might have heard about star bucks and their amazing range of authentic products. This goal powerhouse has more than 22 k stores spread over 67 countries of the world. And the leading coffee chain store is continuously getting bigger and bigger. So are you a start bucks fan and do you know everything about them? If so, here are some amazing facts about the coffee giant that you would not have known before.

WheeBuzz brings you these facts about Star bucks that will blow off your mind for sure-

1. New stores addition

It is a known fact that since last 27 years the multinational coffee store has kept adding new stores in every two days. This shows the high demand of products of this company and its popularity worldwide. People are looking ahead to buying franchises of Starbucks to a great extent.

2. The China plan

Star bucks plan to open 34,000 new stores in China by 2019. This will surely be a great source of revenue for them, and it shows the love for coffee of the Chinese population.

3. Go frappuccino

Do you think you have tried all the frappuccino at star bucks? We bet that you would have not.There are more than 36 k combinations of frappuccino available at Star bucks.

4. Star bucks coffee vs. red bull

The amount of caffeine present in the coffee of Star bucks is four times that present in a red bull energy drink. As per the analysis of a Star bucks coffee, it contains around 330 milligrams of caffeine. So get for times energized and stimulated with this fantastic coffee at star bucks.

5. It’s all in the coffee cup

Around 4 billion cups of coffee are used at Star bucks on a yearly basis. Isn’t that huge? For sure it will exceed your yearly budget.

6. Money matters

The annual sale of Star bucks was reported to be 19.2 billion dollars. Isn’t that a whopping amount?

7. Bigger than your stomach

The current new variant of Star bucks coffee which is known as Trenta contains 31 ounces of drink which is greater than a human stomach size. Earlier the tall one was 12 ounces, and the short one was 8 ounces. So if you are looking to buy the Trenta version then do share it with your friends. That will save on your pocket as well as will increase your bond of friendship.

8. Go green

In 1987 the logo color of Star bucks was changed from Brown to green to go with the eco-friendly mission.

9. It’s all in the name

The star bucks derived its name from the first mate of Herman Melville’s novel Moby dick.

10. Go mobile

With the introduction of mobile apps, 20% of the orders placed for star bucks are placed via mobile phones.

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