10 Childhood Pictures Then and Now of Famous Celebrities that Are Truly Heartwarming

The most popular one would obviously adored and we can also find many glitches if we see our own childhood photos. Although they may display both the worst and best phase, but only the adorable photos will be displayed ad they will surely melt your heart. It is completely worth watching these photos. WheeBuzz brings you this entertaining post of your famous celebs as kids.

1. Tom Hiddleston

Popularly known as Loki, balances his old and new looks by using his persona which seems to be very charismatic. A mischievous look is noticed in his eyes which grabs the attention of the public a lot.

2. Matthew McConaughey

He is famously known for his undying cowboy charms. Even in his early days, the actor manages to look the same even now.

3. Blake Lively

She has that type of persona which can make people around her believe that she is much younger than her real age. Although she is pretty aged but her persona hasn’t changed.

4. Gal Gadot

The reason she is wonder woman is because of her good looks which she been famous for since she was a child.  In case you didn’t know, Gal Gadot also entered the Miss World Paegant in 2004 after winning Miss Israel Beauty pageant in the same year

5. Scarlett Johansson

We all know her as the Black Widow and agent Romanoff. When Scarlett Johannson was a child, she looked very innocent. Many might have noticed her as a teen in Home Alone 3. Her bold look has improved with the increase in her age.

6. Chris Evans

He is recognized as a handsome hunk that seems very irresistible when he showcases his talent in movies. In comparison to his younger days, he has quite changed his personality.

7. Robert Downey Jr

This is one of the best pictures of his childhood available on the internet which is right back from the vintage years. That cute munchkin look has completely changed to this modern thug persona.

8. Ryan Reynolds

As a child he has had that mischievous and mysterious look which hasn’t changed much even now. With a face like that in his childhood, he could’ve surely grabbed some headlines.

9. Nina Dobrev

She looks very much different from her childhood to her current vampire diaries look. Her acting has been so precise that she has already broken all the norms.

10. Chris Pratt

This man hasn’t lost his cute little looks since his childhood and the world is after him for it. When he was a child, he had that summer


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