10 Celebrities Who Died On Stage and Screen During Live Performances

For many dedicated actors and performers, it’s their dream to live and die for their fans and audience, quite literally in some cases in fact. There have been many instances in cinematic, sporting and other performing histories where an artist has died while performing.

WheeBuzz brings you a list of 10 such famous artists who died on stage or screen while performing.

1. Sarah Guyard Guillot

Sarah was a French acrobat and aerialist, who fell to the ground to her death from 94 feet height while performing live for her fans. In fact this was the first tragedy in the 29 years history of Cirque De Soleil. Her fall from the vertical stage at the end of the show was a shock for all.

2. Christina Grimmie

On July 11th 2016, this 22 year old multitalented American singer, songwriter musician and actress was shot dead after her live concert in Orlando. She was already a YouTube sensation by this time and had many obsessive fans too. One of them was there during that fateful concert that shot her and killed himself as well. As revealed by a friend later, this fan wanted to be with Christina either in life or death. Such is the cost of talent and fame.

3. Ty Longley

Another tragic American story here, Ty Longly was talented guitarist and vocalist, who was the member of the famous music band Great White in 2000. He was also was credited for his solo performances in Samantha7, The Bullet Boys and played in Nick Menza’s solo project. But we lost this shining star in a fatal fire which broke out at the Station Nightclub on Feb. 20, 2003. This fore was considered one of the deadliest 4 fires in American history which killed more than 100 people and took away Ty from us too.

4. Yoshiyuki Takada

It’s not just in America but we have lost gems of performers and artist all across the world over a period of history which is shocking, as well as appalling. Yoshiyuki Takada, was a profound Japanese acrobat and dancer. It’s a pure irony that he was performing “The Dance of Life and Death” in Seattle, on September 30th, 1985,  when he met his own death! His rope broke and he fell from 80 feet height while maintaining the posture till the deadly impact which makes it even more gut-wrenching to think of. He was 31year old and was performing with his Tokyo artistic troupe.

5. Owen Hart

Fatalities in front of live audiences not only occur on stage or theatres but also in sports arenas as well. This is exactly what happened to Owen Hart, a Canadian-American professional wrestler who had already made himself a household name after his stints in Stampede Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWF. But, on May 23rd 1999 he died after falling from the rafters of the Kemper Arena just before the match.

6. Brandon Lee

Sometimes tragedy runs in the family! Brandon Lee was the son of no other but Great Bruce Lee who himself had an untimely tragic death. But it seems that lightning does strike the same place twice after all. Brandon Lee also died because of an accident involving a loaded prop gun which propelled a bullet in to Lee and killed him. He was a fantastic martial artist and actor just like his father and well had a fate similar to his father too. His movie “The Crow” was released posthumously in 1994.

7. Les Harvey

This one is really a shocker! Les Harvey was a famous Scottish guitarist who was electrocuted tragically in front of 1000 fans after touching a microphone which was not properly earth grounded. The guitar was attempted to be unplugged immediately but it was not successful because of which Les Succumbed on the stage itself on the fateful concert day of May 3rd, 1972.

8. Mitsuhara Misawa

Another Japanese legend whose life was snuffed out too early. Mitsuhara Misawa was a Japanese professional wrestler who was started off in 1981 and by 1990s was already a top star. Misawa died in the ring in between a match from a cervical spine injury, when his opponent, Saito gave him a suplex. He died in front of a packed stadium as it was the title match at the Hiroshima Green Arena.

9. Dimebag” Darrell Abbott

Yet another grim example of a multi-talented American musician being shot dead during his performance. Darrel abbot was musician, and songwriter who was also the co-founder of famous rock band Pantera with his brother. He was believed to be the driving force behind the classic American groove metal genre of music.December 8, 2004 at Alrosa Villa, Columbus Ohio, he was shot down during a live performance on stage.

10. Ken Steadman

www.wheebuzz.comKen Steadman had everything going for him as he was part of great Hollywood projects as well as roles in prize television shows such as NYPD blue’s, Malone’s, Babylon 5 and even Baywatch! So it really came as a shock to the world when Ken lost his life in an accident on September 20th, 1996,  while shooting for Slider’s episode called “Desert Storm”


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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